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IPA HEALTHCARE was established to improve the quality of surgical procedures through advancements in surgical products technology.
Our strength is our will to provide our customers with innovative, high quality surgical products for  most of surgical procedures . Our products deliver what today's highly skilled surgeons are looking for, in terms of performance,  and quality.
Our sales team works closely with surgeons, combining knowledge  with high-end products in order to create solutions to surgical problems, with commitment to improve patients' outcomes and enhance product safety.
Our product portfolio includes disposable laparoscopic products, surgical staplers,hernia meshes and energy based devices carefully designed and tested, in order to achieve the maximum performance and the confidence of success.



Our mission is to provide high quality and advanced products via a human network with high education and professionalism. Our target is the improvement of health services provided to patients through the new NHS , as well as all HCPs based in Cyprus.

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